Silicon Valley-based Superstrata is introducing their first fully 3D-printed, unibody, carbon fiber and thermoplastic composite bikes. They’re available in two types; a traditional bicycle, called Terra, and an e-bike called Ion. The frame and forks are custom 3D printed, each as one piece, and can be custom fit for riders from 4’7″ to 7’4″, using 18 different measurements as a basis for each frame.

The frame is designed by award-winning bicycle designer Bill Stephens. As each piece is printed as one single piece, instead of being glued together in sections as many carbon fiber frames are, Superstrata claims that their frames are many times stronger and more impact-resistant than traditional carbon frames, as well as being less expensive. They claim the frames are 15x stronger than titanium. All the pieces are made by robots and hand-finished.

Superstrata 3D printed unibody carbon fiber electric bicycle
The Superstrata Ion, a 3D-printed unibody carbon fiber e-bike.