Super73 has a brand new, retro-styled e-motorbike

Super73, makers of those cool, retro-looking mini bike-styled e-bikes has just announced their newest flagship bikes, the R-Series. They claim the R-Series is their most powerful and technologically advanced bikes yet, with tons of connectivity and programmable features.


Super73 R-Series e-bike electric bike mini bike motorcycle

Both feature aircraft aluminum frames with a swinger and adjustable suspension, 5″ wide BDGR tires, and either single speed or an optional 10-speed rear cassette. In addition to the upgraded suspension, the RX model adds premium LED front lighting, an integrated brake light, horn, full fender set, premium tri-tone paint, and a high performance Tektro brake system that includes four-piston forged aluminum calipers and 203/180mm rotors. The rotors are 28% thicker than standard bicycle brake rotors, improving brake response, heat dispersion and heat tolerance, resulting in longer brake life.

The new generation of SUPER73 electric motorbikes also have an electronics suite that pairs with iOS and Android devices through the new SUPER73 mobile app. The R-Series is capable of receiving over-the-air updates to ensure the bikes have the latest firmware, operate at peak performance, and have the most up-to-date functionality. An optional IoT module enables additional features such as remote anti-theft security, geolocation tracking and crash detection.


Both bikes come with the same motor, which puts out 750W nominal/1200W peak in class 1, 2, or 3 modes. In class 3 mode the throttle is disabled and it’s pedal-assist only. There is also an “Unlimited” mode, enabling up to 2000 watts of power to be accessed by the throttle, enabling the R-Series to reach speeds in excess of 28mph. This mode is intended exclusively for riding off public roads and on private property (check your local and state laws).

Each bike comes with a massive 960Wh battery that sits atop the top tube like a fuel tank. It’s made with the most modern 21700 cells, and with the 3A charger it can be charged in 5-6 hours, or you can opt for a faster 5A charger that can charge in 3-4 hours.

The R base model comes in olive drab finish and the RX Premium model comes in Rhino Gray or Carmine Red. The base R model has an MSRP of $2995 USD, and the premium RX model with an MSRP of $3495 USD.

Pre-orders for the R-Series begin January 25, 2020 with delivery slated for Spring 2020 in the US. Pre-order pricing for the R model is $2495, and $2995 for the RX through February 28, 2020. For more information and to place orders, visit