Stunning New Commuter From FLX

A great bike with a terrible name

FLX Bike announced the newest bike in their fleet, the Babymaker II. The original, the Babymaker, was part of a massively successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a whopping 13.3M in funding raised. Nobody liked the name, but it certainly made people curious as to what it was.

Unlike most e-bikes today, FLX assembles all of its bikes in Detroit, MI.

Babymaker II 2 e-bike
Thankfully, they’ve kept the logo almost as stealthy as the rest of the bike.

“FLX is excited to continue along the path we’ve carved with the launch of the Babymaker ll. It builds on our commitment to design the sleekest most stealthy and easy to just get on and ride electric bike possible – and we nailed it.” said Rob Rast, Founder and President of FLX. “With the move to build our bikes in Detroit Michigan our customers will join us on our mission to bring 100% of our bike assembly back into the USA economy. It’s MORE than just a bike, it’s a movement.”

We had a chance to ride a pre-launch version, and it is a truly beautiful bicycle. It features a 40% larger battery (360Wh) hidden in the down tube and uses a tiny 350W hub motor driven by a Gates carbon belt drive. It’s a really quiet, smooth ride with plenty of power. And it looks good.

They claim a range of “up to 70 miles” in eco, but where’s the fun in that? Full charge takes only 3 hours.

It’s on sale today, 2/22/2022 for $1000 off its regular price of $2222.

Babymaker 2 from FLX Bike commuter stealth electric bicycle