SRAM Teams With Bosch

It looks like American drivetrain giant SRAM is teaming up with Germany’s e-bike giant Bosch to offer a semi-automatic drivetrain that combines Bosch’s electric bicycle motor with a SRAM internally geared hub and an external rear derailleur.


The concept of an integrated gear shifting solution, combining SRAM DD3 pulse hybrid drivetrain and a Bosch mid-ship motor provides the most advanced cycling mobility in everyday life. SRAM DD3 pulse offers an integrated shifting system for e-bikes with a mid-ship motor that makes it easy to make a decision for mobility in the future.

The concept of an integrated gear shifting solution, more precisely the combination of a Bosch midship motor (Active and Performance Line and the Intuvia on-board computer) and SRAM DD3 pulse hybrid drivetrain, allows being mobile in everyday life. SRAM DD3 pulse is an automatic system that allows spontaneous manual shifting at any time. Always the right gear. The dynamic shifting program fits to the individual riding style of the cyclist and defines the optimum shifting point. SRAM DD3 pulse allows a manual adjustment into the automatic mode thanks to the external drivetrain. For more information, click here.