SRAM Rumoured Motor Confirmed.

The slow information drip feed continues....

SRAM has confirmed this week it’s buyout of Amprio, a division of the Rheinmetall Group.

Amprio produces an eBike motor system that has an established European servicing base.

The system has got off to a slow but with Sram’s network and sales routes this is likely to improve. The Amprio research and development centre and test centres are based in Düsseldorf.

The motor we featured the other day is the Rmag magnesium bodied drive unit. At just around 2.85kg, this drive system is capable of an adaptive assistance range of up to 420% and the torque delivery is 75Nm to 90Nm.

Amprio also delivers on a range of IP65 class batteries, as well a pair of display units with remote functionality.

SRAM has a history of flirting with the electric bike motor and now like its rival Shimano who already have a market presence.