Specialized Turbo: this one is all about speed…and style

It was a classic e-bike-versus-pedal-bike moment. The guy on the road bike was ahead by a few blocks, but lo and behold, by the time he reached the next intersection, he had fallen behind our e-bike. As he stopped next to us at the red light, he not only looked exasperated but downright befuddled. If we could read his mind, he was probably asking himself, “How could some overweight, dorky-looking guy on that city bike catch and pass me on my carbon wonder bike?!”
Being the honest guys that we are, we couldn’t let the guy torture himself any longer. “You know that it’s a cheater, right?” When our admission didn’t seem to register, we went the extra distance, “It’s an electric bike.” Mystery solved.
Welcome to the Specialized Turbo—no doubt, one of the best-looking electric bikes on the market today.


As most people in the bike industry know, Specialized is not a company that does anything with less than a full-on effort. And yes, it’s definitely rare that they’re found sitting on the sidelines while any two-wheel trend emerges, but that’s just what they did with the e-bike market. Though e-bike sales in Europe had been in full swing for almost a decade, Specialized thought it best to wait and see what kind of consumer and technology trends emerged. Knowing that Europe was driving the direction of e-bike technology and usage, in 2010, Specialized sent one American engineer packing to join a Turbo-dedicated team in Switzerland. After two years spent penciling frame designs and studying battery technology, the first iteration of their fast-looking Turbo hit European shores last year.
In the spring of 2013, the Turbo finally arrived in America where it became an immediate talking point in the still-nascent domestic e-bike market. Available in four sizes, the Turbo made waves as much for its styling as its $6000 asking price.


For their entry into the market, Specialized sought to deliver a bike that was made up of as much proprietary design as possible. As lead engineer Amber Lucas commented, “We’re bike freaks at Specialized, and it was important that we created a bike that we would and could be passionate about. When the first Turbo arrived and it ended up winning one of our lunch rides, well, we knew we had a bike worthy of being a Specialized.”
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