Specialized has been making mountain bikes for four decades, and they’ve been in the e-mountain bike game for 6 years. They are now announcing the 3rd generation of the bike that started it all, the Turbo Levo. The original Levo used an off-the-shelf Brose motor, but since then Specialized has developed their own in-house with a partnership with Brose to make motors exclusively designed for Specialized. This third generation of Levos uses version 2.2 of their motor with an updated internal belt drive for more reliable power.

Specialized Turbo Levo Gen 3
Specialized uses their own motor developed specifically for these bikes.

The motor can put out up to 585 watts, and the battery is a whopping 700Wh for great range. It can be set to rider preferences via the Mission Control app, or can be micro tuned on the bike.

The new display is integrated into the top tube, showing all kinds of information, including a full display of battery level. It can even connect to your heart rate monitor. 

There’s a ton of added tech in these bikes, from an elevation meter, to what they call “Live Consumption” that displays real-time miles (or kilometers) per watt-hour to help you pedal more efficiently.  It has an air pressure sensor that can show your elevation.

There are two models coming out first. The flagship S-Works model and the Pro Carbon, with more models coming out this summer. The first two will feature full carbon frames, 160mm of travel in the front and 150mm in the rear. The head tube angle is adjustable with an included plus/minus cup, so you can make the front end up to 1 degree steeper or more slack, depending on your preference. There’s also a flip chip that can raise or lower the bottom bracket by 7mm, depending on rider preference.

Here is the S-Works:

And this is the Pro Carbon:

Specialized 3rd generation Turbo Levo Pro Carbon

Both come set up mullet-style, with a 29″ wheel in front and a 27.5″ in the rear.  The rear won’t accept a 29″ wheel, if you were so inclined, to keep the chainstays short. They’ve set up the suspension to offer progressive travel and great small bump sensitivity as well as large impact force management and bottom-out resistance.

There’s an impressive range of sizes. The XS fits riders from 4’11” to 5’3″, up to the big XXL that will fit riders from 6’2″ to 6’8″. Sorry, Shaq.  The XS does lose 10mm of travel in the front.

Specialized Turbo Levo Gen 3

They do suggest that riders should look at not just their height for size, but also for riding style.

Specialized Turbo Levo Gen 3


There’s a fun launch video here:

Prices are a wallet-melting $15,000 for the S-Works model and $13,000 for the Pro Carbon model.