Specialized Launches a New Turbo Vado, Como and Tero

2022 e-bike models with some impressive safety and security features

Specialized brings out the next generation of e-bikes with three new on-road bikes, called the Turbo Vado, Turbo Como and Turbo Tero. They designed them to be powerful but natural, using their philosophy of “It’s you, only faster.” As with all their bikes, these feature Brose motors that were developed with Specialized specifically for Specialized.


Specialized 2022 Turbo Vado e-bike with anti-theft features


The bikes feature all the latest tech Specialized has to offer, including some truly remarkable safety and security features,

Everyday riders can utilize the all-new Turbo System Lock to deter potential bike thieves. Specialized’s Mission Control app can now disable their bike’s motor and activate a motion sensor alarm. Once locked, the motor cannot be enabled again except by the owner. Also, as a cool and important safety feature, on select bikes and models, MasterMind integrates a rear-facing Garmin Radar sensor with visual, audible, and haptic alerts of relative distance and speed when traffic is coming up to 140 meters away. We can’t wait to try this feature!

With the capabilities and hardware baked in, there are possibilities for more features to be added any time over-the-air to the bikes via the Mission Control app.

“With the launch of our new Full Power Turbo lineup, we are excited to bring next-level performance to riders in their everyday lives. Our brand is committed to the development and implementation of innovative, new technologies that will better serve riders in all riding scenarios. We believe that bikes have the power to change lives and are focused on delivering the best possible riding experience to empower more everyday rides.” -Dominik Geyer, Head of Specialized Turbo Business.


Vado is the vehicle for daily commutes to fast workouts to longer-than-planned adventures. The second-generation Vado is Specialized’s smoothest riding e-Bike yet with a redesigned geometry to put riders in the best position for visibility and maneuverability for a more confident ride.

Como is a laid-back, comfortable e-Bike with the lowest step-through design available on the market to make it easier to get on and start riding. A more upright position reduces stress on a rider’s hands and upper body, allowing riders to comfortably set their sights on the road ahead.

Tero is built for all-terrain exploration.  It’s a hard-tail mountain bike. With the heart of a mountain bike and the added capabilities for utility trips, Tero’s comfortable and upright position places the rider between the wheels for optimum control, resulting in balanced handling regardless of the terrain.

The Specialized Turbo bikes feature Specialized’s 2.2 motor and MasterMind Turbo Control Display that delivers power featuring three speed modes with quiet amplification of pedaling efforts up to 20mph for Tero and up to 28mph for Como and Vado. They use a controller that responds to riders’ pedal input and use that as a basis for adding power, which they said leads to a very natural feel.

They built them for everything from daily commutes to school drop-off to gear carrying, Vado, Como, and Tero support 27kg on the rear rack. The new bikes are also compatible with child bike seats and are rated to pull a thru-axle trailer. They also all come with a walk-assist feature for those times when you need to walk up a hill, even fully loaded.


They also announced that they’re bringing out a newly-designed, MIPS-protected helmet, called the Mode:


Specialized 2022 MIPS helmet

There will also be a brand new set of panniers especially for the new bikes.

The bikes will come in 3 different models, designated by 3.0-5.0 and will feature options of internal rear hub or derailleur drivetrain options, and will run from $3250-$5500.

Price: $3250-$5500.