Check out the new Metacycle

Sondors, an American brand of electric bikes that started with a crowdfunding campaign in 2015 has just announced their first motorcycle. Called the Metacycle, it features a space-age design, using a 8000W permanent magnet AC hub motor (nominal, 14.5kW peak) and a 4000Wh battery, and will cost $5000. This is a pretty astonishing price, considering the performance. They claim an 80 mile range, and a top speed of 80 mph, but with anything electric, don’t expect to get that claimed range going at the top speed.

Sondors Metacycle electric motorcycle e-moto affordable

The 72V motor puts out 80 ft-lbs of torque nominally, and 200 ft-lbs peak.

SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle affordable $5000

Honestly, we think it looks cool. The aluminum monocoque frame (that they call the Exoframe), the simplicity, even the LED headlight add to the looks. It has a low seat height, one of the engineers was standing on it flatfooted, and he has a 29″ inseam. The bike weighs in at a svelte 200lbs.

SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle affordable $5000
The low seat height and 200 lb weight, along with a lack of clutch/gears, will open this bike up to a wide range of riders.

There are some pretty amazing features, like a phone holder/charger behind the handlebars, that can charge any smartphone that can be induction-charged, while you ride. It has a clear cover so you can see your screen, in case you’re using it for navigation.

SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle affordable $5000
The clear charging/storage port for smartphones is pretty smart!

Charge time at home on 110V AC will be about 4 hours, which is pretty quick compared to offerings from companies like Zero or Harley-Davidson which take 8+ hours (but have larger batteries), but will charge faster at public car charging stations.

There are integrated lights, one at the base of the seat, with brake light and turn signals integrated, and front turn signals are integrated into the headlight. These are a little too minimalist, in that as clean as they make the look of the bike, they also don’t offer other motorists as obvious a signal.

SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle affordable $5000
The rear light is clean but maybe to minimalist. Note that there is a license plate bracket.

This bike is VERY interesting at this price. It’s less than half the price of the least expensive Zero, and 1/6 the price of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire. It doesn’t have the same performance, but as an entry-level electric motorcycle, if Sondors can deliver, they may have hit the sweet spot in the market. Electric motorcycles are inherently easier to ride, with no gears to shift.


Sondors bicycle offerings are inexpensive, but have proven somewhat unreliable, and the company provides zero after-sales support. There’s actually a Facebook page where owners have to go to trade tips on how to fix whatever goes wrong on the bikes, whether it’s mechanical or electrical. We’ve been on that page many times, and there are a few knowledgeable, experienced people, but also many people who don’t even know how to take the front wheel off of a bike. We’re hoping they’ll offer some sort of support for a motorcycle.

We’re reaching out to the company now for comment.

Customers can reserve one now with a deposit, from $100 to the full payment, and they even offer monthly payments. You can order it in Supermassive (black), Arctic White or Naked Silver. Delivery is, according to Sondors, expected in October 2021. Take that with a grain of salt, as they have often had delays in delivery even pre-COVID, and their car project (Sondors EV) seems permanently stalled.