So Much More Than Just Zero

So Much More Than Just Zero

Let’s be honest, in the world of motorcycle designs, there are plenty of bikes that get designed, but rarer are the few bikes that are built. And it’s probably safe to say that, collectively, no one country has the degree of design chops like those that emanate from Italy. 

And this is never more obvious than when traipsing through the aisles of the EICMA show where so many famous Italian marques beckon the hearts and minds of those filled with throttle-twisting passion.


Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that E-Racer is based in Bologna, which happens to also be the hometown of Italy’s most famous two-wheeled export—Ducati. Maybe it’s something in the local water, but just as Ducati almost annually expands all current thinking about both what a motorcycle should look like and how a motorcycle can perform, E-Racer seems to be creating their own legacy for the e-moto category.

In contrast to Italian e-moto brands like Energica and Tacita that offer the world ground-up designs, E-Racer is instead relying on a Zero SR/F as a base for their Edge street bike and a Zero FXS for their Rugged Mark2 dual-purpose bike.

Both E-racers use special Air Tender Regressive suspension.


The Edge model is E-Racer’s interpretation of a hyper-sport café racer with looks and power aplenty to impress. Rolling on 17-inch wheels with front and rear Showa suspension, it’s in the styling and accouterment departments that the E-Racer lends their talents. 

The conversion prices for both bikes start at $6000, which do not include the price of the motorcycle. In addition to their modified Zero bikes, E-Racer is also working on another line of wild-looking bikes that doubles up on the Italian quality by using the Tacita powerplant.



Weight: 485 pounds

Max power: 110 hp (82 kW) 

Max torque: 140 lb-ft (190 N/m)

Max speed: 124 mph (200 km/h)

Charge time: 4.5 hours (100% charged), 4 hours (95% charged). With max accessory chargers: 1.5 hours (100% charged)/1 hour (95 percent charged)

Range: City: 259 km. Highway: 113 km.

Brakes: Bosch Advanced MSC, dual J-Juan radial 4-piston calipers with radial master cylinder, 320x5mm discs


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