Sinclair has a new prototype electric trike going into production. This ain’t your grandma’s trike, though. It looks like it’s here from the future. Three wheels in the front, one in the back and a 250W motor to help it along. Looks like it will work rain or shine, and the design is inspired by the aerodynamic shape of helmets used for velodrome racing.

It’s designed to be chest-high for visibility, and is made from next generation Quantum Foam EPP to protect the rider inside. It has LED headlights, turn signal indicators and a brake light for safety and to aid in visibility.

A lockable rear compartment can carry up to 50 litres. Ideal for personal shopping or business use e.g. Paramedics, express couriers (Fedex®, UPS®, DHL®, DPD®) or food delivery (Amazon Prime®, UberEATS®, Deliveroo®, Foodora®). Custom design body skins available (ideal for company fleet purchase).

It has a universal smartphone dock for GPS, music, Strava, etc. and a rear view camera which can stream real-time to the smartphone.

It has a direct drive motor with regenerative braking, and a 48V, 20Ah battery that can provide up to 50 miles on a one-hour charge. The back wheel is a 26″, front two wheels are 20″. it has 8 speeds and a twist-grip shifter.

A hinged aviation-quality acrylic canopy protects the rider from the elements, while built-in air vents channel air inside the cabin through charcoal air filters to remove pollution.

They’re taking pre-orders now, in Britain, for £99. Full price is £2999 ($3723). That’s the white one. Call it the Storm Trooper. There’s also a Darth Vader-esque version, the IRIS eTrike Extreme, which can go over 30 mph using a 750W mid-drive motor.

The same £99 will reserve one of these, but you’re looking at £3499 (US$4343) for the final price. That’s cheaper and (in our opinion) sexier than the other enclosed electric bikes we’ve seen, like the Organic Transit Elf, which will set you back over 7 grand.

Expected delivery on both eTrikes is 4th quarter 2017

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To see a brief clip of the bike in action, check out this YouTube clip featuring footage from the BBC during trial runs with a prototype: