He's riding bikes again.

Simon Cowell talked about the bike that caused his back injury last year. Though he’s been seen riding an electric bike with his son, that particular bike is an M1 Spitzing, a pedal-assist bike from the German manufacturer. The bike he crashed spectacularly on was completely different, it was a Swind EB-01, literally a motorcycle with cranks and pedals. When we talked to his publicist after it happened, they confirmed the bike and said the bike took off “when he shifted gears”.

Simon Cowell Riding e-bike with son
Simon Cowell was recently spotted riding an e-bike with his son. This is NOT the bike he broke his back on.



The bike above is the M1 Spitzing, the one below is the Swind EB-01. 

After we tested it, it was abundantly clear that he’d switched modes, not gears. In mode 1, you get 1000W at the rear hub. Very manageable. In mode 2, you get 6000W and more torque than you know what to do with. The front wheel wants to come off the ground, and does, very easily. In mode 3, you get all 15,000W. We’re pretty sure that what happened was that he switched from mode 1 to mode 2 with the throttle on just a little bit.


The fun part of this interview is that Simon went to an actual newsstand and found himself face-to-face with our cover, featuring the Swind. He picked it up, and on the interview on he showed the cover of the magazine. Pretty cool!

You can read the entire review in the June 2021 issue of Electric Bike Action.