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Updated for clarity 08/11/2020

Entertainment mogul Simon Cowell crashed his e-bike Saturday, breaking his back. He underwent a 6-hour surgery Saturday night to put rods in his back, and is now recovering. The injury to three vertebrae came within one centimeter of damaging his spinal cord.

Cowell said it was because he “didn’t read the manual”, the bike got away from him and looped out (a wheelie that goes to far) and smashed his back into the pavement.

There are photos of him in the media with two different bikes, there’s no information on which bike he was riding (it was different). He’s shown here on a Haibike XDuro All Mtn 2.0:

Simon Cowell crashed an e-bike and broke his back. Here's how and what we know

But in other photos he’s on an M1 Spitzing:

Simon Cowell crashes on an e-bike and broke his back

Not enough safety gear in either, in our opinion. But the motor specs on each bike are that the Haibike has a Yamaha PW-X motor that puts out 80Nm of torque. The M1 has a TQ motor and outputs a massive 120Nm of torque. We have been given better information.


We reached out to Cowell’s representatives, and they’ve cleared some things up. It turns out that it was neither of those electric mountain bikes, but rather a Swind EB-01, which is far more motorcycle than bicycle:


The Swind EB-01 is a 15kW electric bike that is far more motorcycle than bicycle.  This is the machine that Simon Cowell crashed on, breaking his back.
The Swind EB-01 is a 15kW electric bike that is far more motorcycle than bicycle.

This bike has insane specs, including a 15kW hub motor! No wonder he landed on his back. From what we’ve learned, he had just received this expensive bike. It has a 9-speed, sequential gearbox, and he’d apparently just shifted gears and the bike looped.


Cowell tweeted “Some good advice…

“If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time.

“I have broken part of my back. Thank you to everyone for your kind messages.”

As of yesterday, he’s been walking a little and working, already healing but under orders to rest.

We’ll update this if we hear more.


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