Near Las Vegas and Bootleg Canyon

All Mountain Cyclery began as a small shop in Boulder City, Nevada, about a half hour outside Las Vegas in 2004. It was started by Jeff Frantton and Collin Bivvens. A few years into it, Jeff took over the shop full-time and operated it in the same location until this year.

When you first walk in the front door, you appreciate the planning that went into the look and layout of the store.

During that time, Jeff bought some property at the bottom of the road leading up to Bootleg Canyon, home to some world-famous mountain biking trails. The network of trails was planned and originally created by Brent Thompson and is full of challenging sections filled with berms, high-speed corners, rock gardens and more. There are technical but fast and flowy XC trails and a difficult downhill course with shuttle runs provided (at cost) by All Mountain Cyclery on the weekends.



This year at the Outdoor Demo that precedes the annual Interbike trade show in September there will be an e-bike-specific course, and many major manufacturers will be demoing bikes there for two days. We helped plan the course with the help of Dan Haskin, one of the guys who works at All Mountain Cyclery and is also the official Boulder City Bootleg Canyon Trail Coordinator.

The Specialized Levos they have in their rental fleet have been customized to make them more at home on the technical singletracks at Bootleg Canyon.

Opened on April Fool’s Day this year, it took a few years to build the shop they are now in. But, since they own the land, they had the opportunity to build the bike shop from the ground up, just the way they’d want to.

The silver monolithic exterior is industrial-looking yet attractive with the company logo on it and some bikes visible outside on racks. But walking in, you get the feeling that this place is something special. The walls are lined with clean plywood and huge, beautiful images. Bikes of all kinds are on racks up front, as you’d expect in a traditional bike shop. Classic mountain bikes throughout the history of the sport are up on the walls and suspended from the ceilings, revered as works of art.

Though the shop operates a shuttle for downhill runs on the weekends, they also have a couple of Haibike Xduro Downhill 8.0 rental bikes for those who want to self-shuttle any time.

Accessories and soft goods are placed in specific areas around the shop, with plenty of color and size selection of everything you might need. The open workshop at the back has several stands and at any given time, a couple of employees are wrenching on a bike back there.

Innovative, colorful displays show off all the accessories. Crampon is the main brand of pedals they carry.


Inside the shop, the majority of bikes on sale are mountain bikes and BMX bikes, with a few road bikes mixed in for good measure. Luckily for us, there was also a stable of Specialized Levos.

“Their electric rental fleet is made up of 6 Levos that
are tricked out with upgraded bars, stems,
pedals and suspension.”

The Levos weren’t their first foray into electric bikes. They started with a couple of BionX-equipped mountain bikes in 2014 after they saw a Surly Pugsley at a bike show. They worked okay, but when the Specialized Levo debuted, the shop jumped on the S brand’s latest offering immediately.

Underneath the sales floor is their storage area. If something is getting low on the sales floor, it can be replenished from here.

While bolt-on, hub-drive work for some places, the trails in Bootleg Canyon beg for more rugged, purpose-built machines. They’ve stocked and sold the Levo for a couple of years now, and their electric rental fleet is made up of six Levos that are tricked out with upgraded bars, stems, pedals and suspension, plus two Haibike Downhill 8.0 bikes for the serious downhillers who want to be their own shuttle.

In addition to the e-bike fleet, they also have 20 pedal bikes for hire. People come to visit from as far away as Europe, so renting a bike is a lot less trouble than bringing one with them on vacation. They rent by the day, but for extended rentals, the rates go down. Haskin explains that the day rate is higher per day than the multi-day rate because the time and cost of setting up and maintaining the bike is much less. They have some local people who will rent bikes for a week or two to go to Big Bear Mountain in California or other nearby riding destinations, and there are always ongoing deals.

The workshop area is open and clean. Check out the classic mountain bikes up on the back wall.

Obviously, the local trails are the most popular, and you can ride to them straight from the shop. Many of the guys who work at the shop not only ride the trails, they help create and maintain them. In addition to trails, they conduct guided and self-guided bike tours of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, a package with mountain biking and kayaking, or a tour of the Bootleg Canyon singletrack system. The packages are cool, they’ll even pick you up on the Las Vegas Strip to bring you out, offer you lunch, snacks, all the gear you’ll need and unlimited bottled water (something you’ll definitely need in the Mojave Desert).

There is a good selection of bikes out on the floor. The shop specializes in mountain bikes and BMX bikes.

It’s a fun shop with a great staff and great bikes, and with the tours and rentals, you can’t go wrong! If you’re visiting Las Vegas, you can visit All Mountain Cyclery at 1601 Nevada Hwy, Boulder City, NV 89005. Their website is