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Like many immigrants, Henry Angulo came to the U.S. from Venezuela full of dreams and aspirations, and when he first learned about e-bikes in 2012, he saw an opportunity. He didn’t set out to start a bike shop; instead, he started with an e-bike rental service out of a van in Miami. He initially set up his rental service on wheels in South Beach, which is a very tony area full of supermodels and crazy luxury cars. 

Luckily for Henry, his was the first company in Florida offering e-bike rentals, and it proved quite the success for tourists and locals alike who were surprised by how fun the bikes were. Eventually, many customers started buying e-bikes from him and bringing them back for service. That spurred Henry on to open his first shop, aptly called Electribike, in Miami five years ago.

As e-bike pioneers in South Florida, they’ve grown rapidly beyond their first store and also began selling to a variety of countries in Latin America. There’s an e-bike tour company in Bogota that buys all their bikes from Electribike. 


The business model that Angulo created has worked multiple times, as his family now runs several related e-bike shops in the Miami area. Part of the formula is that the person selling the bike has to have true passion for e-bikes to transfer that passion to the customer. 


“Part of the formula is that the person selling the bike has to have true passion for e-bikes to transfer that passion to the customer.”


Before getting involved with e-bikes, Angulo worked in hospitality, so he brought that level of customer experience to his shop. Conversely, it was his knowledge and connections in the hotel and restaurant businesses that gave him a leg up on bikes starting his e-bike rental business. Helping matters greatly was the year-round tourist-friendly weather, which draws people year round from around the world. It was an easy sell for hotels, because they are easier than a traditional bicycle and much less complicated to deal with than a scooter or motorcycle.

Electribike carries a wide variety of brands, including Rayvolt, Raleigh Electric, Haibike, Magnum, Stromer, Gazelle, Yuba, Stealth, iZip, Gocycle and more, as well as some non-electric from Redline, Diamondback and Raleigh. 

In addition to the different brands of bikes, they also stock every accessory a rider might need—from grips, locks and tires to helmets, racks and kids’ seats.


Henry is proud of how much his business has grown, and like many other bike shops in America, the business’ popularity has been fueled through good word of mouth from customers. 

The past year saw an even bigger spike in sales due to COVID-19. The pandemic has been a boon to bike shops nationwide, and Electribike was no exception. They sold out most of their stock. Their service department was very busy as well. Their customer-experience philosophy has certainly fared well.

Electribike is located at 8965 Biscayne Blvd., Miami Shores, Florida, 33138. The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. most days. Their phone number is (786) 387-1594. They also have other stores/showrooms in Hollywood and Homestead, Florida, and a bike rental shop in Miami Beach.

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