Introducing the EP8

Shimano just announced the EP8 motor, their newest motor, to go above the E8000. It’s a new motor, 10% smaller than the E8000 and thanks to that size reduction and a new magnesium case, it’s 300g lighter. It can provide up to 350% support (in Boost Mode, vs the E8000’s 300%).  There’s 21% more torque (85Nm total) in Trail and Boost modes. They’ve also designed the motor to have 36% less drag.  It’s Shimano’s first mountain bike-specific drive unit.

Shimano's new EP8 e-bike motor for 2021 85Nm 350% support
Welcome the 2021 Shimano EP8 motor.

They designed this motor for more support and longer range. A new assist algorithm constantly calculates the ideal assist level for the situation.


Users can change parameters on the system using the E-Tube Project app. We’ve been using that app for a couple of years to tweak Trail higher, we thought the factory setting was too low. Users can now select between five levels of startup assistance to go from relaxed, smooth acceleration to more aggressive takeoff to help with steep climbs. There’s also an E-Tube Ride app, which turns your smartphone into a cycling computer, giving you access to more information, mapping features, and more.

There’s a new display (SC-EM800) is an upgrade from the E8000 display, offering a more capable chipset, expanded capability with third party computers, and the ability to select two different custom ride profiles.

Shimano EP8 display unit

They also have two new batteries for 2021, both are 630Wh (vs the previous 504Wh) batteries, one internal and one external.

Shimano EP8 630Wh batteries

The motor itself puts out a peak 500W, and with the full 85Nm available to riders in Trail mode, riders can get away with staying in Trail mode more often to allow better range. The motor’s Q factor is a fairly normal 175mm, and there are four different crank arm lengths available, from 160mm to 175mm.

We have yet to get our grubby mitts on a bike with one, but we will, soon. Stay tuned!