Serial 1 Announces Partnership With Vittorio Brumotti

Serial 1 just posted this cool video of their new brand ambassador, Vittorio Brumotti, doing some BMX freestyle-inspired tricks on a Serial 1 Mosh/CTY e-bike. Serial 1 is the e-bike brand from Harley Davidson.

For those of you unfamiliar, Brumotti is a legendary trials rider and reality TV celebrity. Brumotti is well known in Italy and beyond for his cycling talents and his journalistic endeavors, both of which are highly appreciated. Filming from his bike during the “100% Brumotti” segments, he highlights the beauty of the Italian cities he loves while at the same time exposing their troubles, combining his skill on the bicycle with his courage as a journalist “to fight the forces of evil”. This unique combination inspired Prince Albert II of Monaco to name Brumotti a “Peace and Sport” foundation ambassador since 2013.