The company known for tennis rackets now continues their e-bike push in the US

The e-bike industry is always in need of companies that can deliver a quality product at a decent price over a budget bike that has poor customer service. This is what Head sets out to accomplish and by the looks of it they are on their way. Still a few months out on major production of new models they were able to give us some insight on what they’ve been up to and their future plans.

This hardtail commuter will go for a retail price of $3000 with a stylish looking Bafang mid-drive.



Unlike most city style e-bikes this model will feature a modernized looking Bafang mid-drive. This feature alone sets the bike apart from many brands with a similar frame style. To us it’s a bike that is sitting right beyond entry level and the $3000 price tag is indicative of that. However, we are big fans of quality over a big easy sales push and without having ridden the bike we are anxious to see what this bikes reputation beholds.


Head is making a fleet of city cruisers, e-mtbs and regular bikes with some impressive price points again with all the indications of a quality product. Heads US base is in Iowa and they tell us they have big aspirations to compete with brands like Aventon who have also been making a big push as of the last year or two. The difference with Head is that they have a much larger selection of models to choose from. It will be really interesting to see how it goes as well as get our hands on one to get a full review. Go check out for more details on the E-Terrain as well as all their other models.