Sea Otter Classic Goes Electric

The Sea Otter Classic, a celebration of all things cycling, has been going on for 24 years, but 2014 will be remembered as the year the Sea Otter turned electric. The number of electric-assisted bikes is well past the tipping point. It is hard to walk 10 feet in the expo area without seeing another e-bike offering. We’ll have more, but here is a bit of news from Friday.

Bosch has a giant display in the expo area and held a press conference to announce that Magura USA is now the official service provider for Bosch in America. That means that Magura will run a national service center and train dealerships on Bosch service techniques.
The Felt Duel-e showcased how a smartphone could be used to interact with the bike’s functions and controls.
The Felt Duel-e is a Bosch-powered mid-motor beauty.
A little old (a wood frame), a little new (a Bosch motor).
The Sea Otter Classic is an event with activities for the entire family. If you have never been and you live are near Monterey, why not come out?