RubyBike is a bicycle concept that Kasper Schwartz designed as part of his graduation project from The Royal Danish Design School in Copenhagen. The Danish bicycle manufacturer, Kildemoes, has been sparring partner on the project, which is named after the Ruby-throated hummingbird Kildemoes use in their logo. RubyBike has a special Rubyfitt equipment-platform to make it easy to add or replace various equipment. The platform is based around two integrated mounting points on the frame of the bicycle, on which it is easy and quick to mount associated equipment without the use of any screws or tools. Additionally, the RubyBike can also be upgraded to an e-bike without affecting the bike’s appearance. The upgrade is done by placing a battery in the middle of the frame, and replacing the front wheel with one that has an built-in electric hub motor.
Designed to be ridden, transported and parked in urban environments, RubyBike includes a compact, lightweight and transportation-friendly frame design, and it’s equipped with 24 inch wheels. This contributes to a shorter length, and also makes the bike more steering friendly and ready to react in traffic. The overall width of the bike can be reduced by folding in the handlebars and pedals. The web site: is under construction, but has contact information for those interested.