RideKick Converts Virtually Any Bicycle To Electric Power Instantly

The RideKick might look like a cargo trailer, but inside is a battery and electric motor that will get you up to 19 miles per hour. And all you have to do is attach it to your bike with a simple clamp. The RideKick features are:

  • Lead Acid Battery Ridekick Trailer weighs 43 lbs and the Lithium Ridekick Trailer weighs 38 lbs.
  • Simple throttle gives you variable speed control
  • Ride 10-12 miles on a full charge on the Lead Acid Battery and 25 miles on the Lithium
  • Room for a briefcase or bags of groceries
  • Clicks on or off your bike in 15 seconds
  • Weather resistant storage case with combination lock
  • Installs on most any bike in under 12 minutes
  • Designed to be safe, stable in turns and when stopped
  • Your bicycle feels comfortable even with a full cargo load
  • Provides all the benefits of an electric bike or ebike conversion kit without modifying your bike
  • JIM_9951-2
    What you got under the hood? A battery and electric motor plus room for one gear.
    JIM_9949 2
    The neat feature is you don’t have to mess with inserting special wheels or batteries. Just clamp on the RideKick and kick it.