Ride Electric Bikes For Free At The Electric Bike Expo

The Electric Bike Expo is coming to Long Beach, California on February 24-26. It will be at the Long Beach Convention Center. There will be over 100 bikes from top manufacturers like Haibike, Bulls, Tempo, Blix, IZIP, Gocycle, Easy Motion and many more. It’s a great chance to try many different brands and styles of bikes on a safe, closed coarse that even includes a man-made hill. If you’ve never ridden an electric bike, you need to come experience the future. If you’ve ridden them or own one, this is your chance to come try others and see what is new. Best of all, it’s free! The event is great family fun, and there are helmets provided at the event.

Come on down and join us there, we’ll be there with a booth, copies of the magazine and a cool Riese & Müller electric bike we’re raffling off as part of a subscription offer (drawing for that is July 15, 2017, full rules and details in the April, 2017 issue of the magazine). Tempo Bicycles is also raffling off one of their Carmel or Santa Barbara bikes worth $4000 to one lucky winner, to be chosen Sunday.


It’s open from 3PM to 7PM on Friday, 9AM to 6PM Saturday and 9 AM to 4PM Sunday, in the parking lot of the Long Beach Convention Center at 368 Shoreline Drive, Long Beach, CA 90802.

More info on the event is at Electric Bike Expo: Home