RGNT Electric Motorcycles Are Coming To The U.S.

RGNT, pronounced Regent, Motorcycles has two beautiful electric motorcycles with cool, retro styling. The company is based in Kungsbacka, Sweden, and until now were unavailable in the United States, only in the EU, UK, Switzerland and Norway. They now ship here, at least starting in 2023. You can pre-order one now to have it delivered next year.

The two bikes are the No.1 Classic and the No.1 Scrambler. The Classic is made for city riding, whereas the Scrambler comes with some off-road tires to allow you to play in the dirt a bit. Otherwise, the two are spec’d very similarly save for some suspension and other tweaks on the Scrambler.

RGNT electric motorcycle
RGNT No.1 Classic


RGNT electric motorcycle
RGNT No.1 Scrambler


There are several options on tank/accent colors for each, and accessories like a rear rack. They have a 7.7kWh battery which allows the 11kW rear hub motor to accelerate up to 78 mph, with a claimed range of 75 miles. The bikes both weigh in ag about 343 lbs, making them comparable to many similar ICE bikes. Zero’s flagship SR/S and the LiveWire One are both north of 500 lbs for comparison.

Both feature wire wheels, a big battery in the frame, a faux gas tank and a handcrafted seat. Both use J Juan brakes (same brand as Zero’s SR/S and other bikes). What it’s missing is analog gauges, instead replaced by a large LCD screen.

RGNT’s site says that “while we remember the past aesthetically, we look ahead technologically.” Under the throwback styling of these motorcycles, RGNT builds in plenty of tech and connectivity. A seven-inch touchscreen display sits behind the headlight. From the dash, riders can access navigation, settings, details about the bike’s performance, battery level, and more. OTA updates and cloud connectivity will be used to update the bikes as needed.

The No.1 Classic is priced at $12,495 and the No.1 Scrambler is $13,495. You can secure one with a $150 deposit. They both come with a 2-year/18,640-mile warranty.

Our question is, would you buy one? It’s shipped to your door in a crate, likely not fully assembled. They do say it will come with the necessary paperwork to register it and get it street legal. Will you do the finishing yourself? Will you be able to find a shop that will help?