Readers’ Rides: Tandem Ventana El Testigo Experto

Readers’ Rides

Chris Killer, a guy with a really cool name, is even more interesting than his name. He is a British ex-pat living in Southern California who moved here fifive years ago when he married his wife. He is an avid mountain biker who lives in a place that is full of great places to ride.

Unfortunately, Chris’ wife Jane had no cycling background to speak of, but wanting to spend more time with his wife, they started riding together on a tandem. All the fun and enjoyment they shared was immediate, so Chris decided to take the next step and introduce her to mountain biking. However, the concept of riding off-road on a bicycle built for one made Jane nervous.

Luckily, Chris was not deterred. His solution? To build an electric-assist, fullsuspension downhill tandem. Yes, it was as crazy an idea as it sounded!

This is a downhill bike with a long wheelbase. He started with a Ventana El Testigo Experto.