Radical DAHON/Ford Prototype


DAHON, and Ford Motor Company unveiled a joint project prototype folding electric bicycle at the Taipei Cycle Show. It merges Ford’s design with DAHON’s folding bike technology. The MoDe:Me folding e-Bike is part of Ford’s Ford Smart Mobility program, a global plan to study how folding bikes and folding electric bikes can work seamlessly with cars and public transport.
Although DAHON has offered e-bikes for several years, the MoDe:Me represents a new concept e-bike designed with innovations to work integrally with a Ford car, rather than just adding a motor to existing bicycle models. The MoDe:Me fits compactly in a section of the trunk, allowing commuters to park on the city outskirts, take the bike onto public transport and travel to their city center, then ride the MoDe:Me to their destination. The MoDe:Me is equipped with a 200-watt motor with 9-amp- hour battery that provides electric pedal assist for speeds of up to 25 km/h. DAHON will also produce a model without a motor. A rear-facing ultrasonic sensor enables a rider alert system that warns the cyclist when a vehicle is overtaking by vibrating both handlebars, and alerts motorists of the presence of the e-bike by illuminating handlebar lights.
The MoDe:Me has innovative features like heart-rate-based pedal assist and the “No Sweat” feature allows the rider to pedal very lightly. A Gates Carbon Belt Drive system eliminates a greasy chain. In addition, Ford’s prototype app called MoDe:Link is compatible with iPhone 6 and provides multimodal navigation and smart routing that takes into account all of the different transportation options that are available (auto, mass transit, e-bike, etc.) and provides the user with the best options filtered by cost as well as a map that includes weather, parking costs and charging stations. The app can also update in real time if traffic pattern changes or if a train is cancelled.The MoDe:Me is stowed and charged inside the Ford vehicle!.