Rad Power Bikes Introduces New Electric Trike

The unexpected joyride

Trikes are interesting bikes. There are a few different types, like the tadpole (recumbent bike with two wheels in front, one in back), but also a traditional tricycle, with two wheels in the back, and one in the front. These are favored by people who need a little help with balance for a variety of reasons. Electric trikes offer some of the best utility and benefits, perfect for getting around, picking up a load of groceries, etc.

Mike Radenbaugh, founder and chairman of Rad Power Bikes, says that the RadTrike is their number one-requested product that they’re finally bringing to market. It features a comfort seat with a back support and it can be adjusted to fit people from 4’10” to 6’4″. It has a step-through design to make it easy to mount, a 750W motor with 5 levels of pedal-assist, a 480Wh battery that has a claimed range of 20-55 miles, a throttle and pedal-assist, both limited to 14 mph. There’s a reverse setting to allow you to back up, and the front wheel can be rotated 90 degrees to turn on a dime.

RadTrike, Rad Power Bikes, Electric bicycle, electric tricycle

“The journey to the RadTrike began with one of my first customers who couldn’t ride a traditional bike due to health issues. Since that early interaction, I’ve had countless conversations with customers looking to Rad for more solutions, ” said Mike Radenbaugh, Founder and Chairman, Rad Power Bikes. “Fast forward to now, we’ve honed our expertise to create a high-value, purpose-built three-wheel option that will popularize another micromobility category. The RadTrike is the next big acceleration in our mission to make transportation energy efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.”


“To some, two wheels is daunting and prohibitive,” said Sarah Bruce Courtney, Senior Product Manager, Rad Power Bikes. “That’s why we created RadTrike. It was engineered specifically for comfort and stability but designed for fun and adventure. It was thoughtfully crafted so those who simply haven’t ridden a bike in a while, struggle with balance, or face mobility challenges can ride Rad with friends and family. Now, these individuals can ride to the grocery store, cruise around their neighborhood, or pursue new outdoor activities.”


The RadTrike is the very first bike from Rad Power that has a chromoly steel frame, which is part of why it can handle a 415 lb payload (325 lb max rider weight), including 60 lbs on the rear rack and 30 lbs on an optional front rack. That’s a lot of groceries. There are a bunch of accessory options, including racks, baskets, bags, phone mounts, locks, tool kits, and there are videos that tease a full canopy to shade you from the sun. There are pre-set accessory kits on the website, but you can also custom-configure it.

RadTrike, Rad Power Bikes, Electric bicycle, electric tricycleThe bars fold down to allow it to fit inside a vehicle more easily, but keep in mind it weighs 82 lbs (73.6 lbs with the battery removed). The width of the rear wheels is wide enough to keep the bike stable, but narrow enough (32.5″) to fit through most exterior doors. Residential doors are narrower than commercial doors, so it will easily fit through a door into a supermarket or other stores if needed. It has motor cutoff switches on the brake levers, as well as a parking brake. There’s a 180mm front mechanical disc brake and a coaster brake in the rear.



The RadTrike has the motor in the front, and the chain drive in the rear is interesting. It uses a jackshaft to drive a second chain to drive the right rear wheel, the left wheel is not engaged. This allows more stable turning, acting almost like a simple differential. There’s also a chain protector for your legs and in the back to keep your bag out of the drivetrain.

In case of wet riding conditions, there are sturdy metal fenders and very sturdy mounts, and the motor system is IP6x rated to keep water and dust out.

It’s available now for preorder for $2499. Estimated delivery is January 2023.