Pure Cycles Volta Bike Launching Via Kickstarter

Purecycles Volta kickstarter campaign


Three guys, friends since they were babies, grew up riding bicycles in Southern California. In 2010, they decided to start their own bicycle company. They began Pure Cycles in 2010 with a dream and out of a garage, and started delivering good bicycles right away. From three guys with an idea and a love of bicycles, they’ve grown to a small bicycle company that employs many more and has a warehouse, and caters to bicycle lovers.

They decided to add an electric bike to their line. That took a lot of prototyping, they didn’t want a bike with a huge, bolted-on battery. They’ve engineered an bike that they think will appeal to real bicyclists. And it’s a looker! There’s some interesting technology inside, including an internal battery, anti-theft GPS, and a claimed 40-mile range.

Their Kickstarter campaign starts today, March 1, 2017 for 60 days. They hope to inspire enough interest to be able to bring their latest bike, the Volta, to market. It features a single speed belt-drive or an 8-speed chain drive, and a 250W hub motor with 3 levels of assist:

Bike Mode, which is with no assist

Eco Mode, with light pedal-assist up to 20 mph

Power Mode, letting the motor do most of the work.

They even have an app for it that can assist with the GPS tracking, power the bike on or off, or toggle through the assist modes. Or you can control it right on the bike with the included key fob controller. The app can also track health, from heart rate and calories burned to distance. It’s automatically on, alleviating the stress you feel when you forget to start Strava.

There are some nice touches, like automatic lights that activate at dusk/dark, and a brake light that works full-time. A basket on the front can carry your briefcase, groceries or dog.

The Kickstarter page is now live, click HERE.