Product Test: Wolf Tooth Components B-Rad Roll-Top Bag

Every rider should carry on the trail compatible with their entire B-Rad system just in front of the shock or at the bottom some essentials, ranging from a spare tube to a tire boot and even a master link. While some riders prefer to carry these essentials in their hydration pack, there are others looking for clever storage on their bikes. Wolf Tooth Components (WTC) is a company that specializes in problem-solving and doing it in a clever and practical way. Recently, WTC released their B-Rad system that’s designed to allow riders to carry more water bottles and other essentials on their bikes. New for 2018 was their Roll- Top bag for added storage.


Tech info: The B-Rad Roll-Top bag was made to be a versatile storage option for riders who may want to carry more than a spare tube but have it be a little more streamlined. WTC uses a durable, water-resistant, PVC-backed, 420D nylon material with sealed seams. This 1.1-liter bag uses a roll top with a secure buckle and a heavy-duty strap with grippers for versatile storage. WTC designed this bag to be and offers it with an adapter plate to mesh with the whole system. Retail price on this bag is $32, and it can be found online or at your local bike shop.


On the trail: We stocked our Roll-Top bag with some key essentials, including a spare tube, CO2 system, multi-tool, master link and a 20-dollar bill in case we needed a boot. Loaded up, the bag was only at about capacity and wasn’t overly bulky. The buckle has a secure lock and didn’t feel like it would snap once we hit rocky trails. The single-strap design did offer a secure- enough fit on the trail where the bag didn’t slide or move around when riding.

We experimented with the placement of the bag on various places on the frame. Wolf Tooth designed this bag to be dropper-post-compatible, and on all the test bikes, we didn’t have any issues with it hitting the rear tire. There may be some bikes, though, with shorter seat tubes where it may not clear. Whether mounted bracket shell, the Roll-Top bag fit just about anywhere. Overall, the B-Rad Roll-Top bag is a high-quality option with a clever design for riders looking for some extra storage on their bikes.


• Sleek yet roomy design
• Very few places it won’t fit on a frame
• Secure fit



• None

Star Rating: ★★★★★



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