Stubborn tubeless tires beware


Topeak has been making innovative bike tools and accessories since the early ’90s, and its JoeBlow pumps have the reputation of being some of the best pumps on the market. The latest creation from Topeak, the JoeBlow Booster pump, is designed for riders who want to set up their rims and tires tubeless without wrestling with a traditional floor pump or buying a noisy air compressor. If you’re looking to upgrade your floor pump, look no further than the all-new JoeBlow Booster pump.



Tech features: One of the leading causes of faulty tubeless conversions can be traced back to a bad seal between the rim and the tire’s bead. Traditional floor pumps often don’t put out enough air volume to ensure a good seal. The JoeBlow Booster pump seeks to remedy this problem. The JoeBlow Booster uses a traditional-style pump to charge a larger secondary air chamber that holds up to 160 psi. A dial at the top of the pump is then turned from the charge setting to the inflate setting, and with the force of a small electric air compressor, the tire is inflated and properly seated to the rim. Leaving the dial at the top of the pump on the inflate setting will allow the user to bypass the secondary chamber so the pump can be used as a regular floor pump. The JoeBlow Booster has many other great features, such as an extra-long hose, sturdy steel base and an easy-to-use air-release button for dialing in the perfect air pressure. The new JoeBlow Booster pump can be yours for $160.

Field test results: Topeak hit the ball out of the park with the all-new JoeBlow Booster pump. It does an excellent job of seating tubeless rims and tires, and the air gauge was dead on with our digital gauges. The extra-long hose came in handy when a bike was in the work stand, and the pump’s slightly heavier weight made it feel sturdy and planted to the ground. We kicked our pump around the garage quite a bit without worrying about something breaking. Compared to a traditional pump, the JoeBlow Booster may not be ideal for traveling, but it’s a heck of a lot lighter than toting around a small air compressor. Riders looking to seat tubeless tires on the go will be hard pressed to find a better option. Home mechanics will find the JoeBlow Booster to be a much quieter solution than an air compressor for around the same cost. We really enjoyed using the JoeBlow Booster and highly recommend it.


•Seats tubeless tires with ease

•Easier to transport than a compressor