Product Review: GoPro Hero7 Black vs. Rylo 360

GoPro Hero7 Black vs. Rylo 360

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to blast down a World Cup downhill course or navigate the massive drops that surround Red Bull Rampage? Well, thanks to action cameras, we can put ourselves in the driver’s seat all while watching these amazing feats from the safety of our living room couch. Point-of-view (POV) cameras have literally changed the way we view action sports, and they get more advanced every year. Cameras such as the GoPro Hero7 or Rylo’s 360 action cam allow riders of all levels to produce professional-level footage and send it directly to their favorite social media platforms. This month we tested two cameras to see which would come out on top—the camera synonymous with action sports cinematography or the newcomer battling back with a 360-degree field of view and a user-friendly smartphone app.

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