Feedback is best known for its award-winning repair stands and bike storage racks, both of which the EBA crew has had excellent luck with in the past. Feedback’s products may not be as glamorous as flashy new suspension components or drivetrain widgets, but they provide solutions to the problems all riders have. To complete its lineup of maintenance products, Feedback is now building tool kits. With our great experiences with all the other Feedback products in our garage, we simply had to see if these tools could become our go-to wrenches.

Tech Features: Feedback’s tool kits are available in three different configurations, all with different numbers of tools. Each kit is specifically designed to meet the needs of home mechanics and professionals alike. The Team Edition tool kit tested here is the most complete kit and includes 19 tools with 25 functions. Each tool features professional-grade forged-steel components mated with molded file-tread grips. The tools come in a custom-made TPU nylon case that also mates to Feedback’s work stands for convenience. The tool kit includes extra spaces for customization and conveniently fits Feedback’s T-handle Allen wrenches for those who want a more complete setup. The T-Handle kit is available as a complete kit (as tested here) or as individual wrenches for those who don’t need the entire range of sizes. The Team Edition kit sells for $250, and the additional T-Handle set sells for $130. Both are available through any local bike shop or online from

Field Test Results: Most of the tools have a heavy-in-hand feel that a seasoned professional mechanic will appreciate. Moreover, the box they come in is even better, especially if you have a Feedback repair stand to go with the kit. It’s designed for the serious home mechanic, but most of the other kits we’ve tested deliver their tools in a makeshift tackle box rather than a dialed “briefcase” like this. The Team Edition delivers a dialed set of tools with the right mix that can fix nearly any issue a serious home mechanic would encounter, and the addition of the T-Handle set only sweetens the deal.

We tested these wrenches against our favorite go-to wrenches in our workshop, and time and again they held their own. The Allen bits met our micrometer and measured as precisely as the nicest tools in our kit. The bits have a slightly more rounded profile, providing a slip-fit with bolt heads. While this makes the wrenches easier and quicker to use, it seems like they’d be more likely to strip a bolt in a high-torque situation, especially on lightweight titanium or aluminum bolts. The rest of the kit performed exceptionally well. The chain breaker has a nice spring-loaded guide that’s compatible with any speed chain. The two-sided pick is a very welcome piece that sees more use than nearly any other tool in the kit. The file-tread grip on nearly every tool works perfectly to give traction to any mechanic’s hands. The screwdriver handles feel natural and comfortable in hand and even include a Shimano X-Type BB preload cap tool molded in. Nice work with that innovation, Feedback.

The tool kit is dialed and would be welcome on any serious home mechanic’s workbench. We also applaud the addition of tools that every mechanic wants but few tool kits include. The Feedback Team Edition tool kit provides a mix of tools that’s exactly right for the serious home mechanic. Each tool has a dialed feel, and while the Allen bits leave something to be desired, this is a dialed box that will be a workhorse for anyone who wants to keep his or her bike tuned and ready for the trails.


—Fixed 3-way Torx T25/27/30

—Fixed 3-way Hex 2/2.5/3mm

—Fixed 3-way Hex 4/5/6mm

—L-Hex 8mm

—L-Hex 10mm

—#0 Phillips

—#2 Phillips

—6mm Flathead

—Schrader Core Tool

—Presta Core Tool

—Valve Extender Wrench

—Spoke Wrench

—Chain Pin Press

—Rotor Truing Tool

—Crankarm Cap Tool

—Steel Core Tire Levers

—Brake Pad Spreader

—15mm Pedal Wrench

—15mm Axle Nut Wrench

—Bottom Bracket Wrench

—Cassette Lockring Wrench

—Cassette Pliers

—Cable Cutter

—Cable Crimper

—Dual-Sided Scriber

—T-Handle Allen Set (pictured below, sold separately)