Product Review: Ryobi One+ High Pressure Inflator

Batteries are for more than just pedal assist


Inflating tires is something we all have to do, whether it’s bikes or cars. For most of us, that’s manual labor using a hand pump. There are some great hand pumps out there, and some people use CO2 cartridges to avoid the manual labor, and those are also great for carrying with you while you ride.

But, if you have a lot of tires to inflate, or perhaps a fat-tire bike that has a lot of volume, it can wear you out just to pump up one. For most of us, our triceps will be burning after just one fat tire. 


One of our colleagues from Mountain Bike Action suggested the Ryobi One+ high-pressure inflator. We had also been looking at cordless drills, and Ryobi offers over 175 different tools to work with their specific lithium-ion batteries, including circular saws, lights, chainsaws, leaf blowers, vacuum cleaners and more. It seemed worthwhile to check them out.

You can see where the accessories fit into the base. There’s a Presta adapter, inflating needle and a nozzle for pool toys, etc.


A range of batteries are available—from a small, lightweight 1.5-Ah battery to a massive 9-Ah battery. All clip into the bottom of most tools and are rechargeable using one of Ryobi’s One+ chargers. 

The inflator itself has a 20-inch hose with a clamp and a Schrader valve, and there are various other connectors that are conveniently snapped into the front of the base. It also has a digital pressure gauge on the back, which goes up to 150 psi. There’s a slot on the top for hose storage with two holes to mount to a pegboard. 


While the available 6-port charger would lead you to think that they’re made for commercial use, they’re not. The warranty covers them for a mere 30 days if you use them for commercial/construction use versus a three-year warranty on household use, so they’re designed to be used by weekend warriors, not contractors. 

This also explains their relatively low prices. The inflator by itself at Home Depot is a mere $20 (as of this writing, it’s nearly twice as much—$34—on Amazon), or as a kit with 2-Ah battery and charger it’s $99. Honestly, that’s all you need to use it occasionally. Keep it in your vehicle to quickly inflate a tire.


When in use, the compressor in the tool itself is loud—really loud! Because of the pressure in the hose when you are inflating and then take your finger off the trigger, the pressure will drop a couple of psi. The pump is not made for continuous use. Ryobi suggests using it for up to five minutes, then give it at least five minutes to cool off. It doesn’t get hot to the touch after five minutes, but internally it does. Ryobi also makes a bigger inflator/deflator and a full-on air compressor with a tank, but they’re larger and less portable. 

Price: $99 (with battery and charger)

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