Product Review: Prestacycle Three-Way Tool


A three-way, sometimes referred to as a Y-tool, is often the most valuable thing in a mechanic’s toolbox. The ability to have three different-size bits in your hand makes it easier to get the job done without making extra trips back and forth to the workbench. Prestacycle, a company passionate about cycling tools, decided to reinvent the Y-tool by offering mechanics the ability to customize it with three separate locations for bits. Tool nerds rejoice. Prestacycle’s all-new, customizable three-way is a game-changer; however, we always take marketing jargon with a grain of salt, so this month the wrecking crew earned a new title—the wrenching crew. Here’s how Prestacycle’s all-new three-way tool fared in this month’s tool test.   

Tech features: Prestacycle offers the three-way in two different versions—the Standard model and the Professional model—priced at $25 and $35 respectively. Both tools come with a lifetime warranty and the unique ability to swap out standard-size 1/4-inch bits. They are also both constructed from an alloy body with stainless shafts. The Professional model, however, receives Prestacycle’s MagGlide system that holds the bits in place until you release them. The standard three-way still uses magnets to hold the bits in place, but without the release buttons, it requires a slight tug. The bits are sold separately for $8 for a pack of 12. Additional bit attachments, such as a bottle opener or a tire lever, can be purchased as well. Furthermore, longer bits can be attached to handle harder-to-reach bolts. While this tool might look simple on the surface, much attention went into the detailed design of this product.

Professional model and standard model.


Field test results: As stated earlier, a three-way is one of the best tools for the job, but with the ability to customize it to the task at hand, it quickly became the favorite tool on our workbench. It’s best to think a few steps ahead and attach the bit sizes you think you’ll need before you begin wrenching. For instance, if you are playing around with your cockpit, you might need to attach a 4mm, a 5mm and a T25 set of bits. If you happen to swap pedals often, a larger 8mm bit can be swapped in. Basically, if you think ahead, this tool can be set up to prevent trips to the toolbox. 

The ability to use longer bit drivers was also a welcome feature, since other three-way tools can be too close to the handlebars, preventing full rotation and increasing job time. The only minor complaint we had about this tool was that the bits would often get stuck in our bolts due to the tight fit, but this tighter tolerance is actually a good thing, as it prevents mechanics from rounding off bolt heads. Overall, Prestacycle did an excellent job updating a classic tool with the ability to be customized for the job. If you work on your own bike and haven’t checked out Prestacycle’s tool line, we recommend giving them a look.


• Versatile tool that’s perfect for most jobs


• Bits can get stuck in the bolt heads

Star Rating

4.5 stars out of 5


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