Product Review: Goodyear Newton Tires

Way back in 1898 the Goodyear name appeared on a bicycle tire, long before the company became known for being one of the world’s largest automotive tire manufacturer. The Goodyear name and its “Winged Foot” logo can be seen hovering over sporting events, driving down roadways or achieving blistering speeds around racetracks. Goodyear teamed up with Rubber Kinetics to bring the world a new line of premium bicycle tires for everything from road to mountain use. More viable options are always welcomed by the EBA crew, so we got our hands on Goodyear’s burliest tread patterns and mounted them to one of our high-performance rigs. We then set out to see how these new tires held up against the current top competitors in the mountain bike realm.  

Tech features:

Goodyear offers a few options for mountain bikers, including the Peak for cross-country racing, the Escape for light-duty trail riding, and the Newton for aggressive downhill and enduro applications. Goodyear also launched a tire called the Newton ST. The ST designation stands for “steer,” meaning this tire is specifically designed to be run in front. 

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