Product Review: Five Ten Impact Pro Shoes

Five Ten has long been the leading innovator of flat-pedal shoes, beginning when Five Ten brought its ultra-grippy Stealth rubber compound from rock climbing into the mountain bike market. The magical rubber compound has been used by many of our sport’s most talented athletes, from downhill racers to freeriders. Five Ten’s designers have recently been focused on catering to trail riders with the Freerider Pro, which reduces overall weight while retaining durability and grip, but Five Ten built its reputation with the Impact shoe, which was the first mountain bike shoe to receive Stealth S1 rubber. Now, Five Ten has reintroduced the shoe that put the company on the map, so we called our friends at Five Ten and ordered a pair of the new Impact Pros to test on our local trails. 

Tech features:

The all-new Impact Pro takes some of its design cues from the new Freerider Pro, a dedicated trail shoe, but offers more protection for aggressive gravity riders. The Impact Pro is now constructed with a fast-drying synthetic upper and features a burly, protective toe cap. The toe cap is stitched and reinforced with Poron XRD foam, so riders can jam down the trails knowing their feet are well-protected against rocks and other trail debris.

The shoe features a compression-molded polyurethane midsole, which provides better durability over EVA foam but comes with a slight weight penalty. The Impact Pros feature Five Ten’s famous Stealth S1 and use a “multi-dotty” outsole designed to shed dirt and mud. This combination provides unmatched traction when used with a large variety of platform pedals. These shoes are designed for gravity riders, so it was no surprise that our pair of size-10 test shoes weighed 1,110 grams. Five Ten sells the Impact Pros for $112 online or at any Five Ten retailer.

Field test results:

Our first impression of the Impact Pro was that it was a stout shoe designed to take a beating. We tossed our test shoes on and found they fit true to size. If you currently own a pair of Five Tens, you shouldn’t have a problem ordering these in the same size. Our shoes had a comfortable fit that was similar to that of the Freerider Pro; however, the added protection from the reinforced toe cap adds a noticeable amount of weight and gives the shoe a slightly chunkier feel.

These are not shoes for the average trail rider, but if you live in an area where you’re prone to kick rocks, the added protection could save you from breaking a toe. Five Ten’s Stealth S1 rubber provided the same traction-grabbing feel we’ve come to expect, and the new synthetic materials seemed to hold up to the elements well. While the new Impact Pro may not be right for every rider, it’s an excellent shoe for the riders it’s intended for. Gravity riders looking for a sturdy shoe are likely to find all the features they are searching for in the all-new Impact Pro.


• Great protection 

• Excellent grip 


• Too bulky and heavy for the average trail ride


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