Product Review: Exustar E-CSG24 Sunglasses

Exustar E-CSG24 Sunglasses

The sunglasses are uber comfortable and stylish and block 100 percent of UV rays.


These sunglasses have a funny-sounding name, but rest assured they are our current favorites. They provide almost the coverage of goggles, look cool and they’re very comfortable. We love them in dusty conditions to keep the dust from our eyes. 

They are equipped with a one-piece UV400 lens that offers 100-percent UV protection. The lightweight, durable polymer frame features non-slip earpieces to keep them in place and an adjustable nose pad. They come with three different sets of tinted lenses. The glasses are available in several colors and are CE certified.

MSRP: $80

Sandals and cleats—why has no one thought of this before?


Here’s something we never knew we needed—cycling sandals set up for use with cleats for clipless pedals! These sandals are ideal for summer cycling. They come supplied with cleats, but are just as functional without them. The rubber Bio sole is designed to be stiff enough for serious cycling, yet flexible enough for comfortable walking. They have four adjustable Velcro straps and a toe guard. We tried walking and riding with them on. It’s definitely a different experience riding sandals with cleats to say the least!

“These sandals are ideal for the more sporty, casual cyclist, ” says Exustar General Manager Calvin Hsieh, “and you can wear them comfortably with or without socks.”

We’re on the fence about how cool or not you might look with sandals with socks, but that’s your choice.

MSRP: $90



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