Product Review: Deity Tmac Pedals

Deity Tmac Pedals

Deity components can be seen on the bikes of top pros across the globe, from the UK’s Brendan Fairclough to Reno, Nevada’s Cam Zink. Whether you’re watching a World Cup race or witnessing the craziness of Rampage, you’re likely to see some of Deity’s components. The company offers a range of handlebars, stems, grips, pedals and saddles, all designed to add color and performance to your ride. This month we decided to review Tyler McCaul’s signature pedals from Deity. Although these aren’t the newest pedals on the market, we’ve been abusing them for a few months and decided they were worth a writeup. Here’s everything you need to know about Deity’s TMac pedals.

Tech features: Over two years of development went into these pedals long before they ever hit the market. What sets them apart from other designs is their symmetrical profile, along with a deep concave shape for added support and control. The pedals are machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and feature a footprint of 110mm × 105mm. Deity added 14 pins per side that come pre-applied with Loctite. Extra pins are included should one fall out. The pedals are constructed with CrMo spindles and have sealed bearings, as well as DU bushings. The TMac pedals are available in seven anodized colors and weigh 409 grams. A pair will cost you $169.

Field test results: Our wrecking crew tested these pedals on a collection of bikes over the last few months, all with great results. The symmetrical shape offered a balanced feel, and the abundance of pins provided excellent traction. These aren’t the thinnest or lightest pedals on the market, nor are they the most affordable. They are, however, machined with an attractive finish, offer traction that’s second to none, and come in a wide variety of colors to match any ride. The pedals proved to be durable throughout our testing and continued to spin freely after a few abusive wash cycles. Additionally, the concave shape provided confidence that our feet wouldn’t slip off when pushing hard. All in all, Deity’s TMac pedals are a solid option for flat-pedal riders.


  • Great shape
  • Many pins provide excellent traction
  • Multiple color options


  • Not the lightest or thinnest on the market
  • Pricier than other options

Star Rating
deity tmac pedals


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