Product Discovery: Prestacycle’s mini survival tools

Prestacycle Mini Inflator, Torqkey & Prestaratchet Multi-Tool Kit

There are plenty of do-it-yourself riders out there, and Prestacycle has some pretty fun gadgets to accommodate them. The Prestaflator Mini is a small, one-handed Presta or Schrader inflator that plugs right into your compressor. To go along with the Mini is the Digital Gauge that adapts to air compressors and floor pumps. The Mini Inflator retails for $37 and $30 for the digital gauge.

For tricky bolts and such, Prestacycle has the TorqKey with preset torque values. The combo pack includes different fittings from Phillips heads to Allen sizes. You can buy individual TorqKeys for $16 or the full set for $100. One of our favorite tools is the Prestaratchet multi-tool kit, which is a tiny ratchet that is great for stem bolts. It has a Prestalever built into the handle as well. The ratchet and bit set retail for $25. All these can be found at or at your local shop.

3-Pack Levers retail for $10.


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