Popular Unground LA Cycling Race Replaced With “Fun Ride”

Hours after the LA Times reported that authorities had put a stop to the popular Marathon Crash Race cycling event, they reported that city officials granted the last minute permits for a “Fun Ride” instead of a race. The  race, slated for Sunday morning, March 9th, used the LA Marathon route hours before the running event would use the closed streets. The unofficial “race” may be the biggest of its kind and has been going on since 2009. Every year the first few hundred riders are serious racers while the rest are there for a mostly car-free 36-mile ride along the marathon route. Just after 4 a.m., the party, and race to some, would take off.

Understanding that riders were going to show up no matter what, wise city officials granted the last-minute permits for the event with the understanding that it would not be deemed a race but merely a fun ride. Here is the story from the L.A. Times.











Electric Bike Action had plans to ride the race, then cancelled them and then missed the news of “fun ride” until it was too late to attend. Count us in for next year. You can get more information on the ride from the organizers, Wolfpack Hustle.