Polaris Vector Uses BioSync To Listen To The Rider’s Input

Polaris eBikes’ BioSync technology on their Vector model is comprised of a MultiSensor and proprietary smart controller that reads the power output of a rider during a natural pedal motion. It then matches that output to give the rider an efficient and comfortable ride. During the natural pedal motion, there are apex points of power.

Polaris explains that a natural pedal motion consists of several phases, including preparatory phase, power phase, follow through phase, and recovery phase.  The pedal power varies through its rotation, so, Polaris asks, why wouldn’t a technology that is meant to enhance your riding experience do the same?  When biosync was developed, EVantage worked to make sure the motor system varies the power output to match that natural power rotation.  The result is a riding experience that is smooth and doesn’t feel abnormal. BioSync eliminates the uneven, jerky ride that plagues most low-tech Electric Bike power sensors. By regulating the wattage output, EVantage bicycles save power while you save charging time.

We are impressed with the promise of BioSync (we have yet to test it), but we do have to wonder why the high top tube design. The stand over on the Vector is only suited for long-legged riders.