Polaris Buys Brammo

Bramma Bostromx


It’s probably not big news that the American e-moto industry is now seeing it’s first major step in consolidation – this was apparent today with the announcement that Polaris has bought the Brammo electric motorcycle company. Unknown to many, over the years Polaris been a heavy investor in Brammo and with the quasi-arrival on the scene of Harley Davidson’s LiveWire, they probably thought now was the time to rein things in and make a real go of producing some production bikes to sell.

Polaris didn’t release how much they paid for Brammo’s Oregon-based motorcycle assets in this final deal. Polaris uses Brammo’s electric systems and drive trains in some of its products. It plans to use the technology acquired in the deal to build electric motorcycles at its Spirit Lake, Iowa, facility later this year. The two companies will be able to take advantage of the Polaris and Victory motorcycle lines, while utilizing Brammo’s lithium-ion electric drivetrain technology. While best known for their racing exploits, Brammo has done little on the production front with it’s line of  electric bikes that include the Enertia and Empulse motorcycles. Polaris makes snowmobiles, ATVs, side-by-sides,Victory motorcycles, Indian motorcycles and French-based electric vehicles companies Goupil and Aixam Mega.BRAMMOEMPULSE