Podcast interview with Toby Ricco of Bimotal

Quick release e-bike conversion.

We just published our latest Electric Bike Action Podcast episode. We interviewed Toby Ricco of Bimotal, a startup that’s making an e-bike conversion that leaves your bike otherwise intact, with a quick-release system that takes it on-and-off in seconds, and weighs a scant 6 lbs. You can take off the system, leaving you with the same bike you start with, by unclipping the motor and removing the battery. It’s a 750W, nearly silent motor. We tried the system, and it is truly remarkable.

Bimotal e-bike electric conversion kit

The system attaches to your brake caliper bolts, and engages with a replacement rotor that has gears on the inside. Installation will be done by Velofix, with a free tuneup.

Bimotal e-bike electric bike conversion quick release

It’s available for preorder now on their website, and they expect to ship the final by Q2 of 2021. The prototype was amazing and we’ve hear their plans for updates and how they’ll future-proof it, we talk about it on the podcast. You can listen to the podcast HERE on Apple Podcasts, or Spotify or Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts.2000