Pedego Partners With CyclingSavvy For Cyclist Safety.

Everyone Should Learn Better Cycling On The Streets!

Pedego has partnered with the American Bicycling Education Association and their signature program, CyclingSavvy, to teach riders best practices for riding in the streets around cars, other bikes and pedestrians. We think this is an absolutely invaluable thing for riders of all stripes, whether you’re buying your first bike or you’ve been riding for decades. We’re so excited about it that we’re planning on taking the course, because even after nearly a half-century of riding bikes in traffic, a coach will always make you better and offer you more tools.

They teach strategies for safety, but also how to specifically handle the extra speed and weight of an e-bike, something that might have kept some riders in Newport Beach, California out of hot water.

Keri Caffrey is one of the cofounders of CyclingSavvy, and we recently spoke to her about the program. She started getting passionate about bicycle safety in 2007, and within a couple of years with the help of Mighk Wilson, Bicycle & Pedestrian Planner at MetroPlan in Orlando, Florida, she had a solid program to work with bike shops. They started their pilot program in 2010, had their first instructor group by 2011, and then started expanding state-by-state. Once they reached a certain critical mass, they created an online course to help reach even more people.

Some of the essential skills and knowledge covered in their class:

Understanding of the Rules of Movement:

Cyclists have the rights and duties of drivers. More importantly, all road users enhance their safety by following simple rules of predictability and priority.

Knowledge of Crash Causes & Countermeasures:
Cycling is inherently a safe activity, and cyclists have the power to minimize over 90 percent of common crash situations, including those caused by motorists.

Bike Handling Skills:

Almost half of all bicycle crashes occur from poor basic handling skills. Others can be prevented by knowing the emergency handling skills that CyclingSavvy teaches.

Mastery of the Built Environment:

The American road system is fraught with challenges from massive intersections to freeway-like diverging and merging lanes. By understanding traffic flow and predictable driver behaviors, even slow bicyclists can learn to handle these challenges with ease.


They cover things you’ll likely experience on daily rides.


It’s a three-part workshop over a weekend.


Pedego is now working with the American Bicycling Education Association, which will make its CyclingSavvy programs and materials available at all Pedego retailers.

“If we just save one life, it will be worth it,” said Don DiCostanzo, Pedego founder and CEO.

Pedego retailers will be given the knowledge to teach bicycle safety classes in their stores, while Pedego e-bike owners will have access to free online courses.

Pedego’s sponsorship will give ABEA needed resources to create more content to address the growth of e-bikes. CyclingSavvy is a program combining hands-on and online courses.

“We teach bicyclists to thrive in the existing environment,” said Keri Caffrey, CyclingSavvy co-founder. “Our courses are designed to give them the tools they need to ride where they want, on their own terms. From bikeways, to quiet streets, to complicated, intimidating intersections, we show people how to ride with ease and joy and be in charge of their own safety.

“With the growth of e-bike popularity, and the increasing capabilities of e-bikes, it is more important than ever for riders to understand risks, improve their skills, and avoid crashes. We are extremely excited about Pedego sponsoring these essential programs. Their diverse customer base and ability to reach a large audience with bicycle safety education and training tools will benefit bicycling for years to come.”

Teaching proper braking and how to stop quickly and safely when needed are important skills for all cyclists.


CyclingSavvy also offers free courses for group riders, as well as premium courses to navigate the commute across city, suburban, and rural infrastructures. Advanced certifications for experts and instructors are available online.