Pedego Electric Tricycle

Pedego Electric Tricycle


Pedego’s electric tricycle is really well-engineered for seniors and anyone who wants to ride a safe, electric trike. This video is from a couple of years ago, it was on our old channel and we think it’s interesting enough to repost.

Don DiCostanzo from Pedego shows off their electric trike. We were really impressed with this trike when we saw it in the prototype stages. They thought of everything, including a very stable platform with a low center of gravity, a molded bucket to carry groceries or other items up to 50 lbs, disc brakes with locking levers (like a parking brake), a near-zero turning radius, and it’s narrow enough to fit through nearly any doorway.

It maxes out at 12 MPH with assist, and can be used with either the throttle or pedal assist. There are two levels of pedal assist, one with throttle-only (throttle override is always available), and an internal 3-speed rear hub to make pedaling easy. The seat comes with a backrest and is very adjustable, as are the handlebars and stem to accommodate riders from 4’6″ to over 6′ tall.

They’re shipping out to dealers now, we were able to get an advance look at the bike and this exclusive interview with Don. We rode the bike, and it’s really easy and fun to ride.

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