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M3PaulPaul Price, the founder of Paul Components, has been fascinated with manufacturing since a young age. Price’s passion for working with his hands led to a 10-year career working at bike shops while he went through high school and college, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1989, Paul was working out of his garage, building and designing bicycle parts. The company later took up residence in a renovated 1926 ex-Texaco petroleum distribution facility, in Chico, California. Paul Components still handcrafts and machines all of its bicycle parts in that same facility today.

Tech Features:

The Boxcar stem is just one of the many works of art Paul Components continues to manufacture. The stem is constructed from U.S.-sourced 2024 aircraft aluminum and is claimed to be the perfect blend of stiffness, strength and weight. The Boxcar receives its name from its round, box shape, which Paul says is 25-percent stiffer than the competitions’ stems. The Boxcar was run through 1,000,000 cycles of stress testing and passed with flying colors. This stem features stainless steel bolts with T25 heads and is available in three lengths: 50-, 70- and 90-millimeters. The stem also features four colors (black, silver, polished and purple) as well as two stem angles (0 degrees and 15 degrees of rise). The Boxcar stem sells for $90 and is packaged in a box with a hand-stamped logo.

boxcar_stem_gallery_13Field Test Results:

Paul Components sent us a 50-millimeter stem with a flashy purple finish and 0 degrees of rise. The Boxcar stem came with an instruction manual that called for the bolts near the steer- tube to be torqued to 5 N/m and the bolts near the handlebars to be torqued to 4 N/m. The stem had a nice machined look, and the bolts seemed very stout. After half a dozen rides, we started to notice just how stiff our stem was. Its length complemented our test bike well. The Boxcar stem is fairly light at 137 grams, but at $90 it costs a little more than other stems on the market. That said, however, this stem demonstrates a high level of craftsmanship and is made in the USA by a small group of guys who love to ride bikes. The Boxcar stem is yet another example of Paul Components’ dedication to building great bicycle parts that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.


• Machined in the USA
• Many options for size and color


• More expensive than other stems on the market


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