Faster way to get help in Parisian gridlock

PR/Tech firm Wonderman Thompson Paris has teamed up with Ecox Enterprises and Urban Arrow Bicycles to create a paramedic bicycle that can easily traverse Paris, even in deep gridlock, allowing medical professionals to get to people in need much faster than any other option.

We’ve seen similar results to this in action here in downtown Los Angeles, with police officers able to travel over a mile in just a couple of minutes on e-bikes, cutting response times down by a huge percentage. Traffic in Paris can be very heavy, with up to 200km of traffic jams daily, and using e-bikes gets first responders to the scene rapidly, which can mean the difference between life and death in those minutes saved.

Paris paramedic e-bike urban arrow wunderman thompson ecox urban arrow bosch emergency vehicle

The two insulated cargo holds can hold 150 liters of supplies. There’s a powerful LED flashing read/blue light and a loud 140 dBhorn, as well as USB ports for charging devices.  There’s a built-in GPS tracker so that if others need to help, they know precisely where to go.  The tires are puncture-resistant and feature reflective side stripes for better visibility.


The information we have shows that it is Bosch-powered with 2x 500Wh batteries, but no indication as to which motor they’re using, whether it’s a European-spec 25 km/h or a faster motor, like the Cargo Line Speed. We’ve reached out to Bosch and will update this when we find out.

According to Ecox, the bikes have already started to make a difference.