New Spanish e-moto

OX Motorcycles, a Madrid-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, just announced their new OX One platform, with three models due out this year. The unique bikes will have two separate removable batteries, both 14 Kg, 70V, 30Ah batteries. Each one can be individually charged with a normal household plug in just two hours. They offer a 110 km/h top speed and 100 km range. Likely not both of those together, as the faster you make an electric motor go, the faster it drains the battery.

Ox Motorcycles electric bike scrambler removable batteryThe bikes will be chock-full of technology, from artificial intelligence to connectivity to the IoT (Internet of Things). Their built-in ELISA technology allows connection to any smartphone, and several 360º sensors offer haptic warnings to the driver through the grips to warn of obstacles or vehicles getting close. The system offers navigation, a GPS locator, battery information and driving statistics, which can also warn of theft, accident or get technical assistance 24 hours a day.

The bikes sport an 8Kw hub motor, and there are three models of what they call their “Atypical Edition”. The Monte Carlo is has a small fairing up front and its style is a throwback to classic racers. The Patagonia is an adventure bike, with off-road tires, headlight screen and saddlebags. The city bike is called Tokyo.

They will ship to customers in Spain in September 2021, and the rest of Europe by the end of the year. No word on availability in the States, but we’d love to get our grubby little mitts on one. They can be reserved for €150, and any model will be priced at €5200.