Ono Archont – Rideable Art

Ono Archont hand-built electric bicycleOno Archont hand-built electric bicycle

Ono Bikes is a Serbian company who is out to make its mark in the electric bike world. If their first bike is any indication, they will succeed. The bike, called the ARCHONT electro, is a highly stylized chopper, with the battery attractively inside a carbon fiber “tank” and a Schlumpf drive running either a 250, 500W motor, up to a 20 kW motor that can power it up to 100 km/h! It’s definitely not aimed at commuters, it’s 3 meters long! But if you’re looking for a hand-built piece of art to ride around, something that will get you noticed, and don’t mind spending just north of $10,000 for it, it’s worth a look. Onobikes.com