OneUp’s New Electric Bike-Specific Handlebar

The most compliant e-bike-rated bar on the market

OneUp, a company known for its quality mountain biking components, just announced a new handlebar made specifically for electric mountain bikes. It’s a DH-rated bar that has passed both the stringent Zedler E-MTB Advanced Plus standard and the international DH standard (ASTM Cat. 5 Downhill). OneUp claims it is 20% more compliant than any other DH-rated bar on the market. It features an 800mm width with markings for those that want to equally cut down the ends as far as 740mm. They weigh 238g.




The OneUp E-Bar features internal routing for Shimano STEPS switch units and all other switch units with a connector diameter less than 6.5mm.

The wire port diameter in the bar is 6.5mm and the minimum switch wire length required to internally route is 650mm.

Specialized, Bosch or Rocky Mountain remote power mode controllers cannot be internally routed through the Carbon E-Bar.

If you have a switch with a removable wire (EP8 or E8000) you can install a 650mm or longer Shimano EW-SD50 wire.

The Orbea Rise does not have a handlebar-mounted display unit as it connects to your smartphone. It has the EW-EN100 junction and removable EW-SD50 wire.

If you don’t have a removable wire on your switch, you need to buy a new switch with a removable wire (SW-E7000-L) with a wire length of at least 700mm.

Or you can add the EW-JC200 2 port junction and an EW-SD50 extension wire

Grips with only an outer clamp are not compatible with the bar.

The price is $149.50 and they offer free worldwide shipping.

It’s available in black with decal kits in Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Gold, Matte Bronze, Black, Purple, Oil Slick and White.

OneUp also offers a new STEPS EP Chain Guide to reduce dropped chains. It’s available in 7 colors.