Micro-mobility at its finest

We can’t leave out the incredibly fun, small, somewhat affordable micro-mobility EVs, including scooters and e-skateboards. Though some are more expensive than some e-bikes, they’re more compact than an e-bike and an ideal option for the last-mile transportation to get you home from the train or bus. In some cities, you can merely rent one via a scooter-share company, but they’re not always available.


This is a folding scooter that can be pushed to start or used entirely with the throttle. It has two brakes, both at the rear. One actuated by the hand via a traditional brake lever, and the other actuated by pushing the rear fender down against the rear tire. 

Price: $500

Scooter style: Kick scooter

Motor: 350W front hub motor

Battery: 360Wh li-ion

Range: 15–25 miles 

Top speed: 20 mph


Easily one of the most head-shaking forms of transportation today, the Onewheel is like a skateboard but with one single wheel that is in the middle of the deck with your feet planted on either side. They just released two new models, and you get it going by leaning forward to slow or stop by leaning back. The new GT features the most rugged design yet with a newly redesigned deck that’s curved for comfort and control on long rides. The Onewheel boards can be ridden on- or off-road.

Price: $2200

Scooter style: One-wheeled skateboard

Motor: 750W Hypercore hub motor

Battery: 360Wh li-ion

Range: 20-32 miles 

Top speed: 20 mph 


Segway was the two-wheeled, stand-up scooter that was the product of Dean Kamen, which was actually an offshoot idea of his six-wheeled-powered wheelchair that could climb stairs and even stand a person up to see eye to eye with others. When the Segway was first teased, Dean said it was going to change the way cities were built. Sadly, it was so dorky and expensive, very few were sold. Eventually, Segway was purchased by Ninebot, who made similar products that far outsold the Segway. They no longer make the original Segways, but they definitely have a range of scooters and scooter-like products. This scooter has a front handbrake and regenerative rear braking.

Price: $950

Scooter style: Kick scooter

Motor: 350W front hub motor

Battery: 551Wh li-ion

Range: 40 miles 

Top speed: 18.6 mph